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Red Hulu: good for evenings; great for pain

Red Bali-can be sedating; but can be taken any time of the day- great for pain and anxiety

Red Borneo- taken at night; assists in a restful sleep

Red Vietnam-good for pain; mood boosting; for the evening

Red Maeng Da- great for pain and depression; can have a little bit of energy for a red

Red Thai-different, has a tinge of energy; great for pain- good to mix with white Thai or any white strain.
Red Sumatra- uplifting, relax and enjoy


Green Maeng Da- can be energizing, productive, keeps one clear and focused; great for pain- a universal strain for a lot of Kratom users.

Green Vietnam- unique, energy and good for pain

Green Bali- popular; great for social situations, anxiety and stress

Green Borneo- great for pain; relaxing

Green Thai-uplifting, middle energy level, good for pain

Green Kapua- very relaxing, great for pain, restless leg syndrome

Green Malay-subtle effect, good for pain; uplifting


Bali Gold- energizing; good to mix with white vein; mood boosting

Yellow Vietnam-mood boosting, good for pain

Yellow Maeng Da- can have mood boosting effects, good for pain


White Thai- our most popular for energy and pain; is enjoyed mixed with red strains

White Vietnam- energizing and good for pain

White Vein- energizing with a euphoric effect; great for pain/pre and post workout training

White Borneo- quick energy, within 5 minutes

White Bali- energizing and zingy

White Premium- Good for energy; a finer powder than others

White Horn- energy, good for pain

White Maeng Da- energizing and stimulating, great for working out