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Our Kratom is fresh, grown and harvested in Indonesia and sent directly to us. We are NOT a 3rd party. We are very proud of the high quality and consistency of our Kratom. Check out our reviews for Arizona Kratom.

We hope you will become one of our many happy customers.


Red Hulu- good for evenings; great for pain

Red Bali-can be sedating; but can be taken any time of the day- great for pain and anxiety

Red Borneo- taken at night; assists in a restful sleep

Red Vietnam-good for pain; mood boosting; for the evening

Red Maeng Da- great for pain and depression; can have a little bit of energy for a red

Red Thai-different, has a tinge of energy; great for pain- good to mix with white Thai or any white strain.
Red Sumatra- uplifting, relax and enjoy
Red Malay- Uplifting red can be taken during the day without feeling tired
Red Dragon- Good evening strain; relaxing and good for pain


Green Maeng Da- can be energizing, productive, keeps one clear and focused; great for pain- a universal strain for a lot of Kratom users.

Green Vietnam- unique, energy and good for pain

Green Bali- popular; great for social situations, anxiety and stress

Green Borneo- great for pain; relaxing

Green Thai-uplifting, middle energy level, good for pain

Green Kapua- very relaxing, great for pain, restless leg syndrome

Green Malay-subtle effect, good for pain; uplifting
Green Indo- A mix between the Green Maeng Da and White Maeng Da
Green Hulu- New and fun to try; adjusts to your mood like a mood ring and good for pain relief
Green Elephant- Has a nice feeling and good for pain relief; during the day
Green Sudanese- Good for pain


Bali Gold- energizing; good to mix with white vein; mood boosting

Yellow Vietnam-mood boosting, good for pain

Yellow Maeng Da- can have mood boosting effects, good for pain
Yellow Sumatra- Mood bossing effects; can take in the am
Yellow Indo- Energizing


White Thai- our most popular for energy and pain; is enjoyed mixed with red strains

White Vietnam- energizing and good for pain

White Vein- energizing with a euphoric effect; great for pain/pre and post workout training

White Borneo- quick energy, within 5 minutes

White Bali- energizing and zingy

White Premium- Good for energy; a finer powder than others

White Indo- energy, good for pain

White Maeng Da- energizing and stimulating, great for working out
White Malay- Has an uplifting effect with energy